Pour cette émission, on cause du Démon dans la mythologie populaire et dans le folklore américain. GOD BLESS.


#1 Devil Got my Woman, Skip James (Devil Got my woman, Vanguard, 1968).

#2 Crossroads Blues, Robert Johnson (Delta Blues, Vocalion Records, 1937).

#3 The Devil’s Right Hand, Johnny Cash (Unearthed, Universal, 2003).

#4 Mean Mean Man, Wanda Jackson (Rockin’ with Wanda, Capitol Records, 1958).

#5 Stagger Lee, Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds (Murder Ballads, Mute Records, 1996).

#6 Revolution 9, The Beatles (White Album, Apple Records, 1968).

#7 Baudelaire, Peter Laughner (Take the Guitar Player for a Ride, Tm/Kerr, 1994).

#8 My shit’s fucked up, Warren Zevon (Life’ll Kill Ya, Artemis, 2000).

#9 Hell of a life, Kanye West (My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, Roc-A-Fella, 2010).

#10 Beat The Devil’s Tattoo, BRMC (Beat The Devil’s Tattoo, Abstract Dragon, 2010).

#11 Way Down in the Hole, Tom Waits (Frank’s Wild Years, Island Records, 1987).